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I'm Rachel and I'm here to support you on your oily adventure, to guide and empower you in your journey to wellbeing and in supporting others on theirs too.

There are 4 ways to work with or be supported by me,  in my free facebook community group,

in my beautiful Inner Circle membership, one to one, and in my transformational group programmes

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You'll find a wealth of support on this site including how I can guide you to the right essential oils for your physical or emotional needs...and how to get them home should you choose to.


I offer workshops and courses, motivational talks, essential oils from the amazing doTERRA range, and oily one to one assessments. 

It’s good to be back..with 8 awesome wom

Book an oily assessment

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Calm and Happiness in a bottle ... I am

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I work with dōTERRA.

come and find out why.

I love love love that someone had these

Workshops and Events

Private or group sessions on a range of natural lifestyle topics, held online, my favourite places or at your venue. 


Freee Masterclass- Replay

If you are a holistic proffesional,  space holder for others, or maybe you are supporting others with essential oils...

Grab the replay of  my recent free masterclass.

Learn 3 ways you can make simple changes that change how you connect to your world and your clients- it's time to really reconnect.

Learn 3 things you can implement right now

so that you, your clients and your business can thrive.

Dive in here to grab the replay...


Online Course
"Columns of Connection"


Join me on my 8 week online course of transformation and empowerment 


This programme is a beautiful way to reconnect to you, so that you can reconnect to your family and your clients- allowing all to thrive...

Early Bird Ends April 10th! 



Online Course

'7 Columns of Support'

Join me on my 7 week online course of transformation and empowerment -sharing all of my experiences of thriving and surviving cancer. 


Learn about the 7 Columns of Support that I naturally scaffolded myself with before, during and after my cancer diagnosis and treatment.

This is for you if you are a holistic professional  supporting other women that have received a diagnosis.


Motivational Speaking

Allow me to inspire your team or bring my story of passion, grit and overcoming fear to your event or retreat.


Learn more about essential oils

Learn how essential oils can be used to upgrade your wellness, your joy and that of your family.

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