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I'm Rachel, water lover, natural mama, wife, warrior goddess, cancer survivor and a passionate essential oil guide,


Welcome to my online hub and home. This is where you will learn all about me, all about oils but more importantly where we can start an oily adventure together and I can learn all about you.

Here among these pages you will find guidance for using pure therapeutic grade essential oils from dōTERRA, and the many ways these can help upgrade your health, both physically and emotionally.

 I have chosen to partner with dōTERRA for many many reasons... a few of these are listed on my oily page.

You'll also find more on topics I'm passionate about (including oily infused green cleaning and beauty products) plus information related to coaching, online courses and workshops, and how to become part of my oily tribe...

Rachel x


What you'll find here

I'm hugely passionate about living a natural lifestyle to support my hormones, health and that of my family and in helping you do this too. Reducing the overwhelm, and step by step.


On this site you'll find me covering topics such as: 

  • Green Cleaning - reducing plastic and chemical pollution, but also protecting you and your family from harmful chemicals in a super efficient and cost effective way.

  • Green beauty  - reducing the toxic load on our body by creating calming and beautifying oily infused diy solutions, and understanding how to get ready-made ones.

  • Cancer support - including my 7 columns of support that I built around myself from diagnosis to all-clear. 

  • Music and books - I also post about books that spoke to my heart and music that lifts my soul to the stars. 


I cover these topics through written advice, courses, workshops and one-to-one/private coaching. Whether this is at your location, mine, online or with a group of family of friends (I throw a mean girls night in!).


My Story 

I am a mermaid at heart - if you can't find me I'll be on my way to a lake, the sea, planning to be in the water or just dreaming of it. I'm also likely to be on the school run, juicing, or out playing with my gorgeous boy.

After 3 years of chronic sleep deprivation following the birth of my son,  leading me to suffer severe anxiety, panic attacks and major anxiety related digestive issues, I discovered dōTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils. The change these oils made to our life was almost instant, not to mention astounding and as the women around me saw the difference in us, they all wanted to know more.

My first workshop was born, 'An introduction to essential oils', and my business supporting many other families both physically and emotionally with natural healthcare began. This was many years ago now, and I'm still just as excited and passionate about sharing these oils with you.

Other mummies needed someone to guide them in safely use these wonderful powerful and effective oils for their health, but they also needed someone to listen, help them from under the pile of laundry they had got lost in, and to steer them back toward their dreams- powered by essential oils. Some of these women I now call dear friends and are a huge part of my oily  tribe, which I'd like to invite you into.


I am building a tribe of awesome, empowered women, some of them now building their own businesses too based on their incredible life experiences. If you feel drawn to lifting up other women and creating freedom in your career, this is something we should talk about.

My passion for the ocean and being in it, plastic free, led me to create my 'Essentially Clean' green cleaning workshops, and my Make-and -Take kit of bottles, recipes and labels, an oily infused one-stop shop of all the supplies you could need and can leave the workshop armed with. Environmentally, child and purse friendly.

In November 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I expected my world to fall apart. It didn't. I wasn't about to let it. I empowered myself with knowledge and built 7 columns of scaffolding around me that would hold me up and bring me back to wellness.

Who knew that the very oils that had been supporting our general health with would be the key to my thriving throughout mainstream treatment - accepting which was the toughest decision I have ever ever had to make.

However, applying all of my oily expertise, and doing the research led to my strong belief that also applying the best that every factor had to offer - natural and medical - would be the right road for me, lonely as it was.

On the 6th September 2019, I received the all clear.

My Cancer Support page will help you to learn more and be signposted to others that can also help support you and your family should you need it. It will also lead you to my powerful and transformational online course "7 Columns of Support", for those ready to do the work and learn how to support themselves naturally through dis-ease.


For oily support of a more general nature, be it physical or emotional, sleep, anxiety, gut-health related, immune boosting, or seasonal allergies - check out my workshops and one to one tailored private sessions.

If you need me then I'm right here.

and all my social media is right here....

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