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Cancer Support

Here for you?

Hello my love,

If you are here reading this for you... I see you, I feel you, I hear you.

I've been there... I made it through.

This page is for you, so that I can reach back down that tunnel and help get you through with everything that I have learned....

I have broken everything down into 7 columns of support that I placed around me.

i created my course just for you..

Take your time, breathe, read, write notes, and if you need me... 

I'm right here...

ps there is a quick quide to my 7 Columns of support in my shop that is free for you to download x

Rachel x

Here for someone else?

Hello my love,

If you are here reading this for your family member, a friend, or a client,  here's a huge hug for you ...

I know it's not easy,

I know the turmoil and the fear and the worry.

Please know, you need to take care of you too, ok?

My course can help you support the person in your life, but it may support you too..

Take your time, breathe, read, write notes, and if you need me... 

I'm right here...

Rachel x


How the best oils in the world helped me.

In our day to day life, with whatever life threw at us in a busy family life, we would always reach for an oil to support us- for respiratory support, immune support, ear or throat discomfort, muscular aches..even our mood and ability to focus,  the usual stuff..

I made the choice to accept having chemotherapy post diagnosis and after long long consideration and a big holiday where we could escape and think... a decision rated by far as on of the toughest, and only as a result of knowing that I had all of the tools to keep me well throughout... at the time I had no idea just how well all of my knowledge would protect me. Just as our oils had supported our bodies before, for each side effect I was told to expect, I felt I had something to turn to....and I did.

For every rollercoaster of emotion too.

My journey became very different to those around me also undergoing treatment and in order to share what I had leaned over years of essential oil study and practice but also subsequent support systems, all of which I share in my course... no element stands alone.. I embraced a lifestyle created and supported by my 7 columns of support.

In addition to the oils, that nurtured my body and mind I used the incredible dōTERRA supplements- in a window around my treatment to help me recover in between. These support cellular health, anti-inflammatory response, sleep, mood balance and so much more from a nutritional basis, but also every vitamin and mineral my body needed - all in one set - all designed to go together in an already compromised digestive system.


In addition to the oils and supplements, were the following:

  • Keto for cancer diet

  • Juices

  • Fasting

  • Oxygen therapy

All of which I share in my 7 columns course - what they are, how to implement and integrate them into your life, or the life of your client if you work supporting other women,  along with a transformational and inspirational programme of empowerment and self discovery. 

email me to find out how to secure your place to spend 7 weeks with me as your guide x 


Online Course

'7 Columns of Support'

Join me on my 7 week online course of transformation and empowerment -sharing all of my experiences of thriving and surviving cancer, the highs and the lows - an integrative path , and all that incorporates, lifting the lid on the traditional route, and sharing the complementary one.  With my guidance supporting you to not only understand each element, you will learn to integrate each column into your own life- and share with others around you that need it too. 


Learn about the 7 Columns of Support that I scaffolded myself with before, during and after my cancer diagnosis and treatment.

This is for you if you have received a diagnosis, or work supporting other women that have...


If you'd like to chat through anything you have read here then please contact me. 

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