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...and there it was, my life changing forever.

Thanks for joining me and welcome to my blog.
This may not be for you and that’s ok , because it’s here for me too.
I’ve been day dreaming of writing this blog for ooh about 18 months… picturing the content the topics, the chit chat….
..feeling the fear, hearing the voice inside that asked me
“who would want to know what you have to say?”
and my inner rock chick flicking the V’s and telling the voice to sit down and shut up because I knew deep down there was someone who might.
Then something changed, something big and as the dust settled , I realised the writing was still inside me but it wasn’t a topic I had planned or dreamed of. 
Those will still come, but now I had a story and conversations in my head that my broken heart needed me to tell.
Needed out of my head.
I have no idea how this story goes but I do know I will steer the writing of it, come what may.
On the 15th November 2018 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.


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