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C-Day , also known as the last time BC

This is the last picture of me before cancer happened . Playing in the leaves in a beautiful park with my boys . We had such a wonderful family day .

I never really liked the picture, but it has a whole new meaning  now. Our lives will forever now be BC or AC

This is the last captured moment Before Cancer

So let’s go back 3 weeks to how this all unfolded – I’m keen to get up to date.

I had a sore boob those days around my period. I’d had that for a few months actually,  but no lump just period sore – and nothing Deep Blue and Clary calm couldn’t ease in minutes the same way they did my occasionl tummy cramps ( these are two rockstar DoTERRA essential oil blends which also happens to be the core of my essentiallyracheluk biz) which cleaning up my diet and using oils had reduced from taking about 18 painkillers every month.

This time the soreness didn’t go… it remained  as did the lump which is thought was just part of my normal monthly changes. There was a sensation like a dull ache from my outer left breast to my armpit too. I couldn’t have my son climb into bed on that side of me anymore for fee of him elbowing me for the 1000th time – it was now too painful if nudged- plus he has THE sharpest elbows everrrr.

So off to the Docs I go- a quick check and he’s not sure it’s anything but letting the Breast Clinic know and I’ll be seen in two weeks.Cool. I knew the drill having done this all before the previous October ..Less than a week later ,I’m sat in a crowded  breast clinic – it never ceased to amaze me how busy it was in there – and looking round thinking that one of us would leave never to be the same .

Well, after a mammogram, ultrasound and 5 biopsies done on two lumps , there and then during the ultrasound , that person was me . They sat me down for ‘the cancer chat’ based on what they could see from the biopsies already . Thank god I had a friend with me, for whom I will be forever grateful, J 📷📷📷

I barely remember the conversation, every fibre of my being needed to run but I couldn’t breathe or move . We hadn’t allowed for this.

I switched off , had to leave, my life crumbled on the entrance steps with my poor dear friend trying to support me – she totally hadn’t bargained for this .

My life had changed forever in the space of time it took to say ‘highly suspicious ‘ and ‘ we can’t confirm without the results but”…


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