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Column 4.. strengthen..

Strengthening This column is all about- Going with the flow in the glow of heart felt growing confidence in the direction you’ve been called, guided - Feeling you are on the right track and leaning into it. How would life feel if you did this, made this change..? Feeling resolve, resilience, feeling stronger- trusting, loving yourself enough to know what you are here to do and following the call. this column connects to the love cycle unconditional love. Love that has no conditions such as you can only do x when you have achieved y- sound familiar. You do this all the time to yourself and in your business. The heart also holds grief, loss, & emotional trauma that creates feelings of abandonment or separation,and when you feel this as your younger self- you shut this down and keep on swallowing it down until it builds to bursting- or numbness. Can you see how this can constrict how you treat yourself , but how you place conditions on how you allow others to treat you- or how you can feel disconnected? Not only from yourself, your family and your clients. You’ve been through alot- it’s time to allow yourself time to heal, and then to reconnect and to thrive and grow x Let's talk about hoe Columns of Connection can guide you to reconnection with you and yours- message me , the doors close soon x

Rachel xxx


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