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Column One...

This week I’m going to share a little more about my beautiful upcoming programme - how our oils and energy thread through each week.. each column…

Our first column, our first week brings the invitation to step off the world and be still- so that you can listen and feel into who you are now. Nobody is the same and I know you don't feel it, but time is rushing by and you aren't sure how to adapt.

TJoin us to get grounded, to find the calm in the storm of “all the things" you are juggling just now.

Be nurtured and nourished and supported and held- and to adjust to being in a held space.

We start the journey in your foundation cycle of the emotional development cycles and understanding your connection to strength, stability, and security, how this relates to homelife, money stories and manifesting- and the topic of worth. How this can be impacting you now, impacting your business and the beliefs you hold.

This will be feeling especially real for you if you are age 28, 35, 42, 49, or 56 You now get to work on healing the triggers held here in your beliefs and the aspects that hold you back, keep you small, not feeling safe- all of those aspects that make change feel especially challenging.

You will have received a beautifully supportive and unique blend of therapeutic essential oils for the journey that connect energetically to the very aspects of this column.

This connection programme is run with exactly that- it is a live coaching session with myself and our incredible guests, on zoom , in real time. It is recorded for you to access again or replay anytime you can’t make it..

This guest expert for this column is the wonderful Kerrie Murray, beautiful soul, yogi and meditation master of @theyogahouseyarm guiding us in a wonderful experience.

You will be held in a beautifullly supported container, I've got you.

It’s time for you to choose you and choose the change you can feel coming, this way it is supported and guided and you are not alone.

Are you ready to understand more? I'm right here and the doors to columns of connection are open for a few more days. Message me for more info.. or click here to learn more..

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