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Column one- from my heart

SURING UP MY FOUNDATIONS- oily and energy style The impact of my diagnosis sent me not only searching for holsitic support but deeply into research of emotional trauma and education of how dis-ease is created in our body, and connecting all to the physical, emotional and energetic support of essential oils. This led me to qualifying as a coach to guide other women just like you in the impact of trauma, dealing with the root cause and the incredible, transformational and lifechanging 7 emotional development cycles- these repeat in every one of us - every 7 years. It’s not lost on me that, here, 7 years after my initial journey started in supporting a mind, body and soul naturally - that I am able to support you now in ALL that journey has provided- all of it. Now for the first time, all in one easy, simple, supported place-in one programme, 7 aspects, over 8 weeks. What you learn, can impact not only a deeper understanding and healing of all that is coming up for you, triggering you-and holding you back, but gives an insight into your family and clients too. But it has to start with you x Had I not already done this work myself- all the aspects in me related to stability, security, and money , yep all those that go against running a business and looking after a small person and all those aspects that said it wasn't safe to do this, to show up, step up, to create, to work and parent, to study, grow and work and parent… the fear was real, the uncomforatble, way out of comfort zone was real- and otherwise would have stopped me- like they may stop you too. But - This was my mission-to be right here in a place to empower you, to guide you through all the what ifs, and the icky feelings change can bring. These columns bring you to here , with me, ready to step up to hold space for the women that need us- even if they face some of the biggest challenges of their lives- but even more than that- to help them navigate around them, to avoid them in the first place. This is my mission, my dream- and it's here and happening-in fact, you are part of it. To help you reconnect to you, so you can connect more deeply to those you care for. What’s your dream, your mission? Let me help re discover it and help you get there.. message me to chat or read more here


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