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Column three- from the heart...


I believed I was no longer good enough.

I believed that women with cancer had no place supporting others with wellbeing

I believed I was a terrible mummy- that I'd let my son and my family down.

I believed that nobody would ever want to listen to me or learn from me again- because I’d learned to believe it.

I believed I could never charge for the work I was investing my whole life into.

Why? Because I'd been that little girl that was too much, too loud, too fidgety and believed I wansn't good enough AND I had to work to the bone to get anything of value or to be of value , I was no longer good enough if I could't do or be all of those things.

You don't have to get caught or stay caught in the same net. I didn't.

I was days away from throwing the towel in.

What changed? I started to understand the thread of the belief cycle- how from the ages this impacted I'd gathered beliefs like a snowball that landed me as an adult with beliefs so big they were choking my family life and my business - and me. The belief cycle is connected to the solar plaxus- my emotional handbag , but also my creative centre that was caught in freeze.

The result of working in and learning about these cycles, and how they and I could even more powerfullybe supported by my oils, led me to not only creating my first guided programme but doubling my business, understanding what was holding me back saw me on stage after stage, as a best selling author and building a community I love- living and working in a sense of freedom iI did't even know existed.

I want that for you.

All you have to do is grab my hand- I choose you, do you ?

message me for more information...or read more here

Rachel xxx


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