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Column Two- let love in.

CLEAR THE SHORES let those you love, in. Welcome to the column of Columns of Connection where we listen and connect to you, clear out the noise, and discover the relationship cycle- the knowledge here allowed me to really dive into understanding my place in the world after it had been shaken. The cycle where I learned I didn't have to work in my business, or at being liked, until there was nothing left of me, or for me, anymore. The relationship cycle physically connects to our adrenals- aha!! I’d spent years constantly fatigued - everything started to make sense. Inheriting values and beliefs of working to the bone to be worthy of anything may lead to washing up on the shores of burn out. This is also where we see the examples of relationships around us age 1 play out in our adult life- what we were shown relationships meant- masculine and feminine balance- how is that showing up for you? I led from the front in a masculine energy always-I needed balance desperately. The thread of the 7 repeating cycles were again appearing and I was able to find answers and peace-as can you. This cycle is the one that allowed me to reconnect to my son, after the tough start we had together. I got to understand him more too. This cycle and this column are where you can find a safe space to explore this cycle- with calm and understanding that like me will bring the aha moments to so many memories and the opportunity to heal aspects that are ready. It’s also where your learning brings the connection to those around you, friends, family and clients. The impact has been ongoing for me every day and can be for you- as this supports the past but also the present of every relationship you have and those you build going forwards. Acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and integration of you in in the relationship you have with yourself comes first. lets talk about how Columns of Connection can support you x

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