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Column Three- what's in it for me?

SAFE HARBOUR- LISTEN AND CONNECT This week we look at what’s here in your heart after clearing the shores. We look at your beliefs now , who you are now- after so much has changed, but now that you are in a safe space and place to get quiet and do this. This column brings us to our belief cycle..all of your thought processes around the feeling of I am , self worth, self confidence , and your sense of self- if you are 30 37, 44, 51 this will feel even more intense right now...let me help you with that. Remember being told you were naughty because you didn't do exactly as you were told, too much, too noisy, too fidgety . When you were told you weren't good enough, this has stuck and I can see you nodding as you read. These ages are hugely pivotal times for how we see ourselves, what we believe and what we carry into adulthood This can all come up in feelings of low self worth, Low self confidence,and lets add a huge twist of shame. How do you show up as someone wanting to support others with all of this present right now? You are questioning it all.. "You can't do that. You can’t look after others and a family, you can’t run your own business, you can’t charge your worth" AND yep shame around charging money. I’m here to guide you into moving beyond this- and the realisation, the belief that you can change lives with your work and what you were called here to do. This weeks guest is the amazing Claire Holness who is going to support you will all that may arise this week with a belief centred session in EFT.. If you are ready to choose you, to support you first for a whiel so that you can really step forward into the world to support those that need you.. message me, or read more here..

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