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Column Two... whats in it?


This column of Columns of Connection, brings you to the concept of detoxing- mind, body and soul - so that you can find who and where you are without the clutter and noise.

So that you can find the you of now, who she is and what her beliefs are...

What do you make yourself available for and who?

This connects to our relationship cycle, your boundaries. How you see yourself and how you relate to others and how you get to understand more deeply the repeating cycle of this pattern -and to heal what started when you were one.

This connection programme is run with exactly that- connection-I host a live coaching session as does our guest, on zoom It is recorded for you to access again or replay anytime you can’t make it..

The fabulous guest expert for this column is the wonderful Janine McDonald of "Clear the Clutter Now", helping you navigate through the emotional ties of decluttering.. and how to get over physical and emotional decluttering mountains.

A beautiful group energy activation session follows to support the journey along with a beautiful oil blend.

You will be held in a beautiful container and be fully supported.

It’s time for you to choose you and choose the change you can feel you are about to make- to choose to be supported and guided through that.

Are you ready to understand more?

I'm right here and the doors to columns of connection are open for a few more days.

message me for details....or read more here..


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