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Do you dream in technicolour?


I couldn't see a future. I didn't dare even to daydream- and if I tried to allow my mind to wander- it was a thick fog where there once were glorious technicolour imaginings of far off places and adventures with my family - but also with a business that I loved.

"Dare to Dream" - this column is connected to the truth cycle- to what’s true to you, true for you, and about you- without feeling comfortable here, it's impossible to dream big and make it come alive. It takes living authentically and aligned to make that happen. Having a block here can massively impact on every day life and your business.

I see you in the shadows, in your comfort zone and I know emerging is scary af. Thats why I'm here to guide you, hold your hand, why I'm here with all my tools to show you and incredible oils to use for emotional and energetic support too- wait til you feel how all this works together!

We are gifted the ability to dream big and move towards manifesting a life we dream of- imagine not feeling shut down, not impacted by voies to be quiet, no longer guarded, or secretive- and living a fully expressed version of yourself- wow!

I dream in glorious technicolour these days and am forever hatching plans of adventures with my family. I also have a passion and purpose that is no longer hidden- a place where I can guide you beyond the weeks of this programme and into your own dream building into reality for you, your family and your business…

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Rachel xxx

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