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Intiution builds your world..


Do you wake up knowing exactly where you are headed, and how you are going to get there. Do you trust your gut? Do you know which oils can really support with all of this?

Do you wake with fire in your belly knowing all the tools and resources are ready for you and nothing is going to stop you?

Do you wake up with the forward motion of the waves heading to shore and the dreams you're building forming before your eyes?

how would that feel?

You aren't doing anything wrong, you simply need some support in honing the skills you already have into a great plan. When I don’t have a plan everything gets muddled and I’m overwhelmed before I’ve even reached for the first oils that help me focus.

Columns of Connection is a programme that will inspire, motivate, guide and propel you forwards into a space and place you haven't even dared dream of yet- it’s here to nurture and support you - and to connect you to the most powerful guidance system ever created- your own.

Come and join us as we get still, ground, clear the noise, listen and connect, strengthen in ideas, dream build, and make the plan for your future- hte time is now x

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Rachel x.

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