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Love and Connections..

LOVE The Love development cycle connects us to our immune function.. and our heart chakra… seemingly unconnected- except that when we are knee deep in heartbreak and loss the first place to be physically affected is our immune system- and the one place that needs the most support. I can help you with that- I've got washing lines of tee shorts of experience of all of it AND OILS to support every aspect of this journey. Grief and loss live here in the heart- we don’t have to go far to find that. Not in ourselves, not as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, women that support other women and not as those who have just lived through a pandemic. This was a thick layer for me on top of an already traumatic period- but I'm not alone-we all have had them, and we have all carried them with us since childhood if left unresolved. This doesn't all have to feel as though it will break you if you unearth it. I know that's why you keep it in, pushed down, or like me sat on the lid of emotionally stuffed boxes, safe. You are too busy to have a meltdown, you have family to look after and clients to tend to. Wait until to see, feel whats on the other side of letting these be resolved… These buried emotions aren’t safe for you to sit on- they aren’t safe for your body left there unresolved and there isn’t a safer place to gently ease into them- working here as part of Columns of Connection you will be held and supported.. Grab my hand, I’m right here..message me or read more here ..

Rachel xx


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