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The day it all became real....

Rachel's reflections on life with a Twist of Cancer

December 7, 2018

Welcome to tonight's post.

I am resharing posts (originally posted on my social media) so this forms part of a blog for anyone who may need support in the future.

I will start from the very beginning...

Hey hey, well this is gonna be a tough one .... 👋💖

I know some of you may feel this info has no place to be here- but this is my story and I’m deciding how it’s written and more importantly - how it’s read.

There’s something I’ve been needing to say... because, not doing so makes the stories that you see fake.

All I ever wanted to do here was to share my life and love for all things oily, natural, juicy, and family - in the hope that it might just help another mummy, lost in the fog of sleepless nights of anxiety, of wanting to parent calmly - find her way home, find her voice, find her friends, find herself 😌💖 I don’t intend to stop, because she needs me to find her too x

For the past few weeks we’ve been trying to weather a storm and to be fair, weather it we have, however in order to continue authentically sharing my passions, oily education, oily infused life, building my business, there’s something else I’ll be sharing as it’s now part of our lives...our journey - a mountain to climb that is not insurmountable, but makes the next few months feel rather more of a challenge to say the least.

I have breast cancer.


I’m ok. Really I am. I am tough and resilient and currently superwoman strong. The irony. Never felt better. I am thriving on a cancer-specific keto diet, awesome oil protocols, supplements, oxygen, juice, and love - so much of that 💖💖💖

I have so many amazing tools to tap into for physical and emotional support, plus I’m über logical and currently in the calm before the storm.

I’m facing this head-on, but taking the necessary time to make the right decisions regarding treatment, more on all of this later and how I will intentionally blend all things natural with what is appearing to be essential modern medicine to release me of this disease and how I plan to keep moving forward with laughter, resilience, and oils.


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