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Why me?

Because I believe that you, if you have received a diagnosis, or if you are a holistic therapist, or someone supporting others with oils, deserve to know about all of the natural choices available to support you or your client- and their family.

That you have the right to confidently implement those choices

You have the right to live in hope of improving any physical or emotional state naturally- alongside any other treatment accepted.

I believe we all have the power within us to support each other on a healing journey, some of us need the support and guidance of someone to bring us through fear.

I believe any woman faced with dis-ease has the right to choose how she supports her body back to a place of wellness

I believe every woman the power to support her body back to wellness

I believe every woman should be within a tribe of nurturing, deeply caring souls supporting that journey

I believe you have the right to learn all of this from a place of wellness too- to stay well

I believe if you support other women , you can be empowered with knowledge and education to remain fearless in the face of cancer

I believe that I can support you in all of these elements- fearlessly

This is my mission.

To be the one that stays.

I believe that I can support you in the move from fearful, overwhelmed and hopeless, to empowered supported and full of hope.

I believe in you .


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