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Columns of Connection

Let’s plan to be the calm in the storm and even out that rollercoaster for the year ahead- together.

This programme is for you having already faced huge challenges and change and now you need a safe harbour.

Where you can find the tools to help you carry on with inner strength, confidence and resilience.

More is being asked of you.

You are already weather beaten by relentless storms if life- living in uncertainty, held back by fear, and exhausted, I feel you.

You have already faced huge challenges., and still more come. 

Huge crashing waves.

You are feeling disconnected from your support system still, anxieties rising...

And feeling disconnected from yourself.

I hear you, I feel you, I see you - I was you.

The Columns of Connection programme starting on 3rd May is an 8 week course of transformational deep diving into your wellbeing, creating deeper self connection , mind, body and spirit - sharing the tools and the experts that I used to not only keep my head above water as I struggled to find my feet post my cancer treatment ending, but also tools that I use to deeply support myself and my clients every day.

These tools include therapeutic grade essential oils, emotional development discovery, energy work, breathwork, journaling, meditation and a sound bath... you will be wrapped up in love.

 You can thrive, even in these times- really thrive, find inner peace, build resilience and upgrade your  joy.

This is what is waiting for you.

Not only a way to readily tap into calm, focus , resilience, but also a way to dream again and plan.

Everything you need is inside you - All we need to do is reach for  it, and learn how with rhythm and routine, these tools can support you in a way that anchors you...

This time will not only provide a place for you to reconnect to yourself, your inner guidance, peace and self assurance- but  also find connection with a wonderful community of like minded women who feel just like you right now.

This programme is exactly what you need to find the calm in the storm to navigate all that is ahead.


This is the most important work that I have delivered to date and nobody could have predicted how the timing of its release could be more in line with your need for support just now…

This programme provides a journey through weekly topics delivered in person by myself, and incredible guides who are masters in their field.

Together, we will be guiding your journey from learning to be still, determining how to recognise what no longer serves you,  clearing your path of clutter - mind, body and soul, dream building into expanding out into the world no longer afraid or unsure, or full of anxious feelings - but with strength, resilience and clarity - and also a sense of knowing where peace and calm lie so that when needed you can tap into it at will.

Learn More

If strengthening your resolve, adapting more easily to whatever changes life is throwing at us, and increasing your sense of safety and self assurance, is important to you just now - whilst learning how to clear some space inside and out for new exciting times in 2022 come what may…

This is something I can offer you to be able to do just that.

All you have to do is decide where is best to dive in….


If this feels right for you … here are your options… 


With love … xxx 

Booking Options

The programme is worth £1997 of incredible content...


 I am making this available to you for only  £997 as an EARLY BIRD!


All of this content and connection to me and over 7 other guides for this incredible value.

I’m passionate about making this type of work available to those who connect with the depth of its meaning.

Book Now

If you get a tingle in your body wherever it is that you get THAT tingle when you are called to something exciting and new but aren’t sure. 

I’m here to talk to, let’s see if this is right for you…

simply contact me. 

 But – the limited places are being booked-so don't delay!

Big love - I’m here if you need me - as is the transformation waiting for you – and your new self-assured sparkly, self-affirming, deeply-grounded,  confident, self …


I know she’s here, ready to rise... do you?

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