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Column 5 - Dream building


The powerful truth cycle is woven beautifully into column 5 of my transformatoinal Columns of Connection. A programme for women looking for more, holistic therapists or wellness advocates knowing this gets to change lives...

This is the Dare to Dream column and once that can have the biggest impact in you world as is has in mine and my one to one clients...

As with other cycles and columns this is supported with a lovely supportive and reflective workbook, a beautiful gift of oil blends specific for the energetics and emotions of this cycle- and all supported in a held space that is our container. This cycle brings up your questions of safety, from deep history and other aspects from your current life time.

Truth and how we choose to show up can be easily blocked, with so much judgement- so much opnion aroiund you - and let's face it- in this social media age- not being able, feeling able to share what you do, how you do it and who you do that with, is a block for your business as much as it is for you personally.

Do you feel safe for it to be who you are and how you want to be seen in the world- do you feel safe to dream big? Do your hearts desires feel secretive? Dreaming is the seed we sew before we achieve our mission- how can you fulfill your truest potential or dream build if you can't find whats tru to you or show who you truly are?

I can help you feel safe. To feel alighned to whats true to you and for you, to dream big fearlessly, dream build and to share it with the world... the world needs you more than ever

Message me or read more here..

Rachel xxx


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