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... Checking the weather so to speak, understanding that you now have all the tools and some new ones to choose from out of your incredible toolkit- to look after and support yourself first-then others.

💖We ready the sails for all of this and as we do, we tap into the final emotional development cycle- the one that shows you, there is so much more to all of this.

💖This week brings your awareness to higher, deeper support- a support you always knew was there but have learned we don’t talk of such things, or learned that this isn’t safe, or even that guidance outside of your own self, outside of your parents beliefs, outside of your own beliefs - were to be shut down. What if you could hear this and follow the guidance intended for you- unhindered?

💖To assist your moving forwards- and connecting to the deep breath we often subconsciously take when facing a challenge- or when working through an emotion- we have the wonderful Kathy Bell , of Kathy.bell_ bringing us a beautiful breathwork session timed with the final week of our programme- this is going to be so beautiful.

💖Feeling balanced in this cycle- when you are 27 34 41, 48 or, 55 is beyond amazing, but being out of balance brings loss of direction, feeling lost, feeling isolated, overthinking, not trusting, feeling so unsupported. Feeling like you have to be on the go, working hard, pushing things all the time - that you have to make things happen , rather than just connecting with the universe and knowing that you are looked after.

💖Sound familiar? Let’s talk .. this can feel sooo much easier my love..

message me or check the link below x


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