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GUIDANCE Do you believe we can connect to higher force and be guided on the right path for us? If you do, read on.. If you don’t, read on.. I’m going to be speaking your language- or opening up a question or thoughts for you that- what if you can, are, do?

What if all of those near misses and coincidences and seemingly being "looked after by a guardian angel" were exactly that- but also those voices that keep popping up guiding you to make a certain decision? Do you listen? Do you think to act on them ? What if you did? Does it feel safe to? Do you trust? This is beyond intuition, beyond the gut- this is more. This is what comes next.

I had all the questions until I didn't need to question it anymore. But before that- I had all the doubt, deep in lack of safety and never stopped to really listen. Until I was given no choice but to surrender to being guided and trust, and until I learned the impact of what I hadn't known about this cycle.

What if all the things you are struggling with right now, could just feel easier.

When you do find balance here- there is a real sense of safety and trust that you really are connected to whatever that aboveness is for you, whatever words you use, whatever your belief system is and you just trust- you trust that you're always looked after- as opposed to feeling only you can do it all, make it all ok, which is pretty lonely, not to mention exhausted. By the way- How IS your sleep?

Sound familiar? Let’s talk .. this can feel sooo much easier my love.. message me or check the link below x

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