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Column 6 is....


Column six is goal setting with intuition… let's create your Great Map- this week we will be mapping out what those dreams look like- AND we will be seeing that as we vision board with a difference guided by meditation master Kerrie Murray- let's get those dreams into reality, all good things start with a board and a plan.

We are going to hone into your intuition cycle- This is connected to your inner guidance, your inner wisdom, your ability to be able to trust your intuitive decisions, to not question yourself and overthink.

We are going to wake up your inner guidance system. The one you were born with that you were told to ignore as a child, told you were imagining things and you choose to ignore even now sometimes- because it's safer, because you leanred to shut it down, you’ve learned to ask others for approval- yep that was me too. This cycle is everything and impacts everything that leads to making decisions from a position of fear.

This is where you get to step back into your own power and make judgements and decisions with strength because they lead to where you are headed- the dream you are building. Now we gain momentum because you are aligned to yourself and what you know to be true- follow the thread?

It’s time. I want you to feel empowered about your own destiny, and ho you get to intuitively know what is right for you and your business- no more secon guessing or asking those that dont have your dream on their horizon. The great map is yours alone.

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